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Wedding Photography

The Latest Trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography preserves a very special moment in a family’s life to remember and enjoy for many years to come. It can also be quite complicated to arrange, especially if you have specific ideas in mind. Fortunately, The Art Part is on your side, ready to provide excellent wedding and event photography from the perspective of a female-led team. Here are a few of the more important aspects of the wedding we are prepared to capture in your photos:




When the bride celebrates her upcoming wedding with all her friends, many fun and exciting memories are bound to be created. Our photography team is ready to preserve those memories forever. From the first gift to the last dance, we’ll discreetly and artfully capture it all on our cameras.


Milcha and Al Aqd


Milcha and other kinds of engagement parties are great opportunities for the bride and groom’s families to grow closer together. This vital moment can make for some wonderful photos. Similarly, Al Aqd ceremonies can be solemn and beautiful occasions worthy of preservation in pictures. Every step of the way, we can be there to take those pictures with a bounty of skill and taste.


Women’s Ceremony (Al A’ars)


Of course, no wedding would be complete without a joyous ceremony. We can easily provide photos for the women’s portion of the celebration, thanks to our female photographers. Our team will capture candid moments showing your event look like the life-affirming celebration it is.


The Best Event Photography Team in Dubai


To capture stunning and unique wedding photography, contact The Art Part today. We're a women-led event photography team that can showcase the modern and custom style you want for your big day. From the moment you are engaged, to the last hour of your marriage ceremony, we can be there to capture every breath, smile, and tear in between.

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