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Fashion Photography

The 4 Types of Fashion Photography

The field of fashion photography is as varied and nuanced as any other. If you're not in the industry you might not expect to hear that there are different sub genres of fashion photography - which is already a subgenre of photography! Although there are more, here are the four most common types of fashion photography that the Art Part completes:

Look Book Photography


Look book photography is a great, basic place to start showcasing your brand. The main emphasis is on selling the clothes, with simple monotype backdrops, and few accessories or props. To best show off the clothes, you'll want to avoid harsh indoor or night time lighting.


Campaign Photography


We photograph for all variety of campaigns, including high fashion and street fashion. High fashion is frequently seen on magazine covers featuring well-known models. They often strike exaggerated poses and will have their hair and makeup done to suit the aesthetic of the image. Street fashion involves creating a more approachable, realistic styling of the clothes. These shoots are often done literally on the street, or with backdrops that the average consumer would encounter in their daily life. Whatever look you’re going for, we can help you project it through crystal clear photos.


E-Commerce Photography

Some fashion photography is intended to go right onto an online store, necessitating a very stark, simple, and comprehensive set of photos. In this way, consumers can see exactly what the clothes look like under plain lighting, from a variety of angles. We know exactly what shots will showcase your products the best, and how to light and color them.


Editorial Fashion


Editorial fashion tells a story within a few images. These images are often accompanied by text. These are frequently used in fashion spreads that feature a variety of dresses, handbags, or shoes. These are also common for the cover model interview.


Contact The Art Part


Led by a Dubai female photographer, the team at The Art Part has a love for fashion in all its forms. Let us help you capture the beauty of your garments in a way that suits your brand. Contact us today for more information.

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